Monday, December 25, 2017

Come Inside the Magic...September

Welcome to Our Emerald City!

 I can't get enough out of the wording above the bulletin board.  I'd seen so many different ideas, but in the end, chose to use my favorite clip art and create my own.  Many thanks to my dutiful husband, Matthew, for braving the ladder and the picky wife telling him when it was straight enough.  To grab your own copy, click HERE.

I finally did this simple trick I found on Pinterest to hold all those pointers.  For years, I kept them in a tin can that had the propensity to tip over.  This is super easy and keeps things neat as a pin.

Focus Boards are a great way to keep me on track, as well, as help my students and parents understand our focus and direction.  Because I teach at a STEM elementary now, I made this board at the front of my classroom so it can be quickly visible.  I hang POST-IT anchor charts underneath the vocabulary portion, as the board slides from side to side, with materials stored behind.  To grab your own version of this board, click HERE and get it for FREE!  Don't you just love those?


We are Engineers!

Welcome to our Science Labratory!

You can grab this writing activity in my KINDER JOURNEYS Pocket Chart Writing Activities: FAMILY by clicking on the picture below.

Pocket Chart Writings are available in my TPT store individually or in Unit bundles for a bargain!

 Where would we be without GO NOODLE?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back and Better Than Ever!

After a long hiatus, looping with my class to first grade, I am ready to return to KINDERGARTEN for the 2017-2018, at Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary.  This will be a new adventure for me as I integrate STEM and our two new Houghton Mifflin Curriculums: JOURNEYS and Math Expressions.  It is my hope that you will share your ideas here with me regarding all things KINDER.  
I have been busy working on new materials for my TPT store.
To compliment Kindergarten JOURNEYS, I have begun Oral Reading Vocabulary Packs, full of real pictures to aid in the Oral Reading Portion of each lesson.  My students always benefit from seeing a real-life example.  Units 1 & 2 are complete and ready for purchase in my store!

There are also Interactive Phonics Note-booking for each lesson.  It can be purchased at the TPT store, too.

Let's take a look at Unit 1!

Also available are SPINNER ACTIVITIES!  Easy to assemble with plastic spinner arrows you can purchase HERE, and by using empty CD jewel cases HERE.  Clue the arrow spinners to the top of each case so the various game masters can be changed for hands-on learning. 


I also created a FAMILY SORT for Lesson 1, which I will later use on my word wall for later writing reference.

And just for hanging in with me and this ultra long post, be sure to click here for your JOURNEYS FREEBIE!