Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Adventure....Moving...FREEBIE

A new adventure awaits me!  I have completed the task of packing up my Kindergarten classroom, and will be moving to a fantastic, larger district for the fall.  I am beyond thrilled at the opportunity to continue teaching Kindergarten!  Here's a few things I've learned about moving a Kindergarten Classroom:

  • I have WAY too many random containers!  I think I should own stock in the Dollar Store...oh, and those plastic eggs from Easter.  
  • You find a TON of goodies underneath shelves and book cases.  All those pieces to BLOKUS, Base Ten (ones) cubes, crayons, and even a single lima bean from the recent plant unit. There were pictures that fell from behind their book boxes, hair clips next to the drinking fountain, and fingerprints all over everything.  It made me misty-eyed as I clipped a barrette into my hair and kept purging.  
  • Everyone you know with a truck is suddenly very busy (enough said about that)!
  • Your car no longer fits in your garage, because your ENTIRE classroom is now there...waiting.
  • I can now take those "projects" I was far to eager to tote home and put them with the other random things piled high in my garage.  
  • I can soak the cooties off of all my math manipulatives.  GROSS!  Thank you, God for bleach.
  • I organized books as I pulled them out of containers to re-use them.  
  • You realize how blessed you are to have so many amazing materials.   
When I was in Africa, I was in a classroom with 64 Kindergartners who only had 8 crayons in all!!  That is why I cannot complain.
I am exhausted, but happy...full of expectations and ideas for printables I want to create. 
I've begun reading some of my Summer Bucket List books too:
You can purchase it HERE.

You can purchase it HERE.

I've been super excited as I see various blogs covering both of these books and will post what I learn here, so keep an eye out.  

Just for fun here is a FREEBIE I created this week, amid the chaos of moving.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fabulous Feedsacks #1

Purchase this new set HERE at my TPT store.
Each of the fabrics are authentic, vintage Feedsacks and quilts from my quilting studio!  Enjoy a bit of Vintage Charm.

Another tribute to my Grandma Eileen is my love of all things 1930's -1950's.  I've often thought she and I would have been best friends, had I lived during that time.  She never tired of telling me stories about her quick wedding to a handsome man on leave from the Navy.  I choose to honor her as I continue to create beautiful things to share with others.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bethany Bubbles

 It's time for you to meet Bethany Bubbles!  This is the first children's book I released with illustrator, Jason Abbott in 2011 through Strategic Book Group.  The story was inspired by many of the children I taught in a small private school K/1 class.  Many of the children struggled with perfectionism.  I wanted to write a book that teachers could use to create conversations around the concept of mistakes and their value.  The result was this adorable character, Bethany Bubbles.  Jason and I will be teaming up again this year on other projects, so be sure to follow this blog and like TNPLKinder on FACEBOOK to be the first to know the details!  I'm super excited!!!
Want a closer look at Bethany Bubbles?  Here we go...

Bethany Bubbles has a problem: she thinks she is perfect and is terrified of making mistakes. When her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Honeypot, encourages the class to learn from their mistakes, will Bethany hold on to her perfect record, or will she risk making a mistake in order to learn something new?

Click HERE to see inside this book!

Purchase your own copy of Bethany Bubbles Makes a Mistake for your classroom or children!  Click HERE!



I couldn't sleep and this is what happened.  You can download each poster on the links below.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nursery Rhymes and a Freebie!

Lemon_Studio_designs/From the Pond
Welcome Summer! Like a lost friend, I have found you again. This year was such a blessing, (but as with all of you, I'm sure) I need time to simply rest.
The end of the year brings so much emotion. I cried the entire time I wrote out their report cards.  I can't begin to tell you how much I end up loving my precious children!  Their sweet faces as they graduate and hug me goodbye for the last time. Alas, June is just hard.  I also lost my precious Grandmother a week and a half ago.  I've yet to comprehend her loss, but I know this... I will THRIVE and live to be worthy of her legacy.  I am a product of her abiding and faithful love. She is woven into my very being.  A true testimony of faithfulness and grace.  I'll be thinking about ways that I can embrace life more fully, and would love to hear your ideas as well!  I have had time to create and publish many new printables in my TPT store found here, including Nursery Rhyme Poetry Journals!!!  Super excited to use them next year with my Kinders. In fact, I've decided to give one away for this weekend for FREE!!! 
Here's a preview of many that are available now. 

As promised, here is your FREEBIE.  Enjoy!
Oh, and the first way I will live and thrive because of my Grandma....

*I will enjoy the blessing of my extended family this weekend as we celebrate her life. Collecting stories about my Grandpa to use in my next children's book that addresses grief and loss for children.  Stay tuned.....

Pursue love, at all costs.