Thursday, November 13, 2014

Peek at my Week of Turkeys!

This is the beginning of many days within the month of November that we have half days, conferences, or NO SCHOOL!  BOO!  We are beginning our GLAD unit on Turkeys and I want to teach!  Yesterday, we did our Inquiry Chart and read our Big Book: Let's Talk Turkeys. Our BIG CONCEPT is: The most important thing about turkeys is they come from North America. We also did an input chart about the parts of a turkey.  They LOVE the word and action for snood!  That piece of skin that wraps around the turkey's beak.  Did you know that?  Ha!
My Kinders were INCREDIBLE with how they are making connections to what we've already learned about living things and GLAD strategies.  We are also continuing to use basic Sentence Frames/Accountable talk frames to foster their acquisition of academic language:

A turkey has_______________________________.

A part of the turkey is__________________________.

The _______________________ and _____________ are similar because________________.

The _______________________ and _____________ are different because_______________.

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