Monday, October 27, 2014

Peek At My Week 10

Here we are at a brand new week.  We had great success last week studying spiders.  I stand AMAZED at how effective GLAD strategies are for helping my Kinders acquire academic language.  They have already grabbed onto the BIG CONCEPT: The Most Important Thing About Spiders is they eat pests!  That same vocabulary from chants is transferring to their writing and the ideas they generate when given a sentence frame such as:
The little spider is___________________.
The moment when one of my boys stated "eating pests" I was a BELIEVER!  I'm super excited to join many other teachers in our district who have been selected to attend more GLAD BOOT CAMPS to go deeper with these incredible strategies.

This chants will also set up success with our Sentence Patterning Chart, and later be used for writing.

Chants are a golden way to teach academic vocabulary in a non-threatening and fun way!  We have chanted for anyone who happens to pop into the classroom!

Each GLAD unit has a social skill that you are working on the entire 6-8 weeks. We are working on Being Respectful.  Anytime I see a child or a group being respectful and doing what we've determined, then I will add points to my various tables.

 Here is a sentence frame: if the child gave me a verb it was written on white using green.  If it was a prepositional phrase, it was written in orange to be linked to our sentence patterning chart we'd create the next day.
 Our Input Chart: Each Category is "color chunked: to aid comprehension.
Spiders Syllables from A Differentiated Kindergarten
This week we will finish our Sentence Patterning Chart and begin a Comparison Inquiry Chart for two Books:

Just wait till you see how GLAD Compares two books!  I was floored by this new strategy, since it's usually a Venn Diagram used for comparisons.  Nope!  Stay tuned.  

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Have a wonderful week!
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Peek at my Week #9

I'm super excited to start Week #9!  We will be spending the next several weeks studying spiders. I participated in a GLAD training last week and am excited to implement the new strategies I received.  
Here are my plans for the upcoming week and a FREEBIE book I made to facilitate learning. Enjoy your week!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Peek at My Week 7

This year is teaching me so much already.  Note to self: when doing a letter craftivity, be sure that all the children have their letters facing the right way...seems obvious right?  Ugh. Between all the other monitoring and and assessing I was doing a few escaped my sights until...they were beautifully glued. Well, tomorrow is a new day. Mistakes are great teachers!

My class will be introduced to Class Dojo this week.  I spent time entering my kiddos into the program and setting us up for success.  If you aren't familiar with Class Dojo be sure to follow this link to a great positive, behavior management system.  I know that my students will buy into it and am excited to share back with you about it!
They have tons of free resources and printables detailing how to make a smooth transition.  The great thing is, it will work with any grade level and you can use any Android device too!     Check it out!

This week we will be exploring Apples and the letter /Bb/.  My students needed some extra time to understand the routines and expectations of Kindergarten, so we are beginning our deeper study of letters now.  This has been a tremendous learning curve for a teacher of 15 years.  Most of the activities that I had re-planned were too difficult, thus I began with truly blank slates.  One may look at the situation and scream but I LOVE a challenge.  I feel privileged that I have been called and chosen to teach at Whittier Elementary.  It's an amazing opportunity to give these children a great jump love learning.  Yes, I will be creating  A LOT of resources, but it will be worth it.  So, if you find yourself discouraged remember that we do a wonderful work.  We are their first taste of magic....hope...opportunity.  What an honor....wouldn't you agree?  Here's a peek at my upcoming week.  Be sure to link up with us at Deedee Wills' page, so you can join in on the fun!

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Here are my Lesson Plans for this week.  If you'd like to download them, just click HERE.  I'd love to hear from you and see what you are all up to this week.  Feel free to leave your ideas and comments here, as well as check out my TPT store for new Printables and Freebies.

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