Thursday, July 24, 2014


What does a Kindergarten Teacher do when she's stuck in the house because it's close to 106 degrees outside?  My current projects are strewn around the house, and my children are listening to the end of their book on CD, left over from this week's trip down the California coast.  My husband actually drove all the way from San Francisco to Kennewick, WA in a day! It's awesome and a bit frightening, but the call of your own bed can be overwhelming sometimes.  

Musings for today:
What am I reading?

For FREEBIES Connected to CLOSE READS be sure to check out:

What am I listening to?

Into the Glorious, Christy Nockels
These two ladies' music have been such a blessing to me lately.

What am I touching?
Antique Scarecrow Doll for my Oz Collection!  I couldn't believe my luck to find two collectibles that were on my OZ Bucket List.
This plate was one of them too!!

I've also been working on a Hexagon wall hanging for our newly painted "retro" kitchen.  I've created the flowers with English paper piecing.  I'm working toward a circa 1950's look.  I'll be sure to showcase everything when it's finished.  
In the meantime, I will give you a peek at the project I'm putting together.  I think it's turning out awfully cute.  I'm very pleased!

I've also continued to work on many printables for my classroom and TPT Store.  Be sure to follow this blog for more updates and FREEBIES.  


Today, I am simply grateful...I love my the new adventures that await me.  Choosing to thrive, just like I promised my special Grandma I would....

Be blessed,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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All products are Kindergarten Common Core Aligned and labeled accordingly.

Nursery Rhyme Poetry Journals
Each journal comes with poems to cut and glue into literacy journals and clip art to facilitate the concept of an illustration matching the words of the poem.

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